Real-time remote level monitoring of bulk silos and storage tanks. Eliminate futile deliveries, improve OH&S and increase profits!

Elevate your logistics and stock management with Tanktel, Australia's pioneer in remote silo monitoring since 1995. Our time-tested expertise ensures that you stay ahead in the game. With Tanktel, you can bid farewell to stockouts and optimize your logistics like never before. Join the trailblazers and experience the future of silo and tank telemetry monitoring with us.
 The service enables forward planning to maximise product deliveries to client silos. Eliminating unnecessary and futile deliveries, thus saving valuable time and money for both the client and their customers.
With over 30 years experience offering remote monitoring, Tanktel offers intelligent field equipment to take snapshots of your bulk tank or silo levels and sends it to our secure server. With an active subscription, you have live access to your level, usage data available 24/7, 365 days a year. A comprehensive web platform that offers live level access, trends, histories and order/delivery reports are all at your fingertips with Tanktel's silo level monitoring system.

Manufacturers, producers and miners rely on a continuous supply of raw materials to keep their operations running at optimal levels. Allowing suppliers of raw materials to remotely monitor bulk tanks, IBC's or silos of a manufacturer/producer/mining process, ensures scheduled deliveries are always made before materials run out, and in a timely manner that is beneficial to both the supplier and end user. With real-time LIVE monitoring, you can be assured that you will have the latest available levels. 
Tanktel monitoring is hugely beneficial for logistics planning and has the potential to save many thousands of dollars with forward planning.
Initially developed for tanks & silos it now monitors many other critical processes such as flow, temperature and process status. Tanktel is a pioneer in IoT for remote level monitoring.

Tanktel bulk silo monitoring
Simple to use

Unlimited user access via unique username and password login. Coupled with comprehensive support services, we offer a complete solution ready to implement today.  It's as simple as logging into the telemetry website and taking control of bulk inventory. Live levels available whenever you need them.
Keeping the manufacturing process running and reducing or eliminating downtime due to raw materials shortage, is the primary reason our clients choose to use Tanktel telemetry services.
Contact us now to discuss the many flexible ways we can meet your monitoring requirements. 

"Low cost and high benefit, Tanktel telemetry services are an integral part of our offering to key customers.” BASF AUSTRALIA 

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Telemetry clients

Some of our many clients using Tanktel remote monitoring

Companies in Australia and New Zealand using the Tanktel silo level monitoring system for planning logistics for bulk silo or tank inventory management for their clients. 
Client usage varies and can be used for fully managed silo inventory, just-in-time deliveries, logistics route planning and consignment stock usage.

Providing trend histories, usage rate analysis, asset tracking, and data reporting services, consignment stock reconciliation and more. It has the ability to save companies many 1000's of dollars per year in futile deliveries and customer stockouts.
Level, volume, flow, temperature, weight and pressure can all be monitored if required with our silo level monitoring system.

Manufacturing & Industries

Manufacturers rely on a continuous supply of raw materials to keep their operations running at optimal levels. Allowing suppliers of raw materials to remotely monitor the tanks, IBC or silos of a manufacturer/producer, ensures scheduled deliveries are always made before materials run out, and in a timely manner that is beneficial to both the supplier and end user.
Tanktel monitoring is hugely beneficial for logistics planning and OH&S requirements.

Tanktel monitor a huge variety of product for suppliers and manufacturers alike. From bulk water tanks for bottled water and soft drink production, plastic pellets, oil, caustic soda, chlorine, sugar, flour, resins, inks, sulphuric acid and so much more. Clients use live level data to make informed and timely logistics planning. Potentially saving the supplier and client thousands of dollars in unnecessary deliveries.

We even monitor industrial sized skips placed on load cells so that can be emptied within a critical timeframe to keep business operations running! Industries include Mining, manufacturing, processing and more. See some of the industries utilising Tanktel's live monitoring solution.>>>  


The Tanktel silo level monitoring system can monitor from 1 to 100's of silos per site. Companies also have the option to utilise their SCADA systems to send data to our server via FTP without the need for additional hardware. This allows suppliers to access levels without the need to intrude on their clients' IT infrastructure.

Using telemetry for silo VMI has the advantage of showing production peaks and troughs for clients who may have seasonal variations, or who may have procured a new contract which translates to higher than usual product usage. Automatic alarm notifications via email and/or SMS let the supplier know of any re-ordering or shipment points in advance
Feedback from customers show we have the right mix of easy to install hardware, interface and importantly, customer service, along with an uptime of 99.9%. Discover more >>


live monitoring of raw materials
Tanktel telemetry
Browser interface
Easy to use

Designed to offer all the facilities necessary for remote display and management of customer levels. Graphical level status displays, trend analysis and reporting functions at your fingertip. Information is available 24/7 365 days.

Tanktel rtu's
Field Equipment
How we monitor your product

All our remote terminal units communicate via the mobile data network. In conjunction with a planned polling schedule, this allows for live updating at anytime. Just use the "Update" button on your personal logon.

Vendor managed inventory
Vendor Managed

Providing a fully managed service for you or your customer tank or silo levels. This allows your business (if required) to run a Vendor Managed Inventory Service (VMI) at very affordable prices. The solution for planning logistics and reducing unnecessary deliveries and stockouts.

Resin pellets

 resin pellets

Testimonial from one of our many clients. Viva Energy Australia

(Formerly LyondellBasell Australia) To keep our clients stocked with polypropylene pellets, we dabbled in our own in-house recording system with limited success until we found Tanktel, and it has revolutionised our management of client's stock.

Our clients can monitor their own sites and our contractors also monitor all sites. Before Tanktel, incorrect or untimely silo readings were a part of life, as they are for anyone. These caused downtime for our clients and caused wastage for us. Now we can continually monitor all our sites each having 2,3 or more silos.

The data is live, and the system records all information and plots valuable trends. Re-order levels are used by our contractors to initiate shipments, and our clients don't need to initiate anything. We have eliminated down time for them, eliminated unnecessary deliveries for us, and even our sales force are using the reports to better understand and service our clients’ needs. Our clients are, no surprise, completely delighted”

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